How many documents can your plagiarism checker scans a day?

Our state-of-the-art plagiarism software can scan for unlimited documents a day. It is vital software for keeping your content completely original. It works rapidly, and scans submitted documents across 4.75+ billion pages a day comprising off journals, open access repositories as well as documents stored in our database.

Accompanied by the overall percentage of matches found in a document, it can deliver you a particular proportion of similarity for every single source matched. Along with underlining the fragments of plagiarized text in red color, our plagiarism checker software makes use of red color at the same time, hence color-coding your plagiarism report to notify you about different problems, such as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ quotes as well as poor paraphrasing.

Whether this superlative feature is more useful is a matter of individual preferences, though it does make our tool seem different from others. While some may perceive it personally or visually appealing, it still doesn’t resolve the major problem of plagiarism reports, flagging parts of content as plagiarism even though they are cited, making individuals try to compute the proportion of actual plagiarism as a fraction of the sub total. Therefore, read on about a preset feature doing this, which is indeed very useful and found only with our best free plagiarism checker.

We at provide groundbreaking solutions for finding plagiarism. Our highly sophisticated plagiarism software makes use of cutting-edge algorithms to categorize and scan for plagiarized content. A detailed report is rapidly generated representing potential areas of plagiarism as well as its particular source. Our Plagiarism Software is trusted by millions of professors, students and content writers around the world. Our users include professors, students, article writers, academic institutions, and bloggers.

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